I defended my thesis at the end of the fall 2014 semester at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

This project has benefited greatly from the generosity of my professors. To my advisor, Dr. Leah Leone, my thanks for your work editing my translations of Chávez and for your insights on how I might strengthen my work. My thanks as well to Dr. Lorena Terando and Dr. Patricia Mayes for serving, along with Dr. Leone, on my thesis committee. I am appreciative for the kindness and care with which you all approached my work, and I am certain that your critiques and insights will have an ongoing impact on this project as it continues to evolve. That being said, while this project has benefited from the help of these professors, any shortcomings within are my own.

The translations of Bolívar quotations within this project have benefited from the work of Frederick H. Fornoff and Lewis Bertrand. Fornoff’s translations of Bolivarian texts in El Libertador: Writings of Simón Bolívar have served as the basis for most of the translations of Bolívar quotations within the speeches, and Lewis Bertrand’s translations in Selected Writings of Bolívar have been particularly helpful in situating those quotations within a larger context.